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Keep Your Iphone’s Battery 100% For Two Years, See How?

Apple’s iPhone is a capable device. You might not believe that you need instructions on how to charge your iPhone battery. One TikTok user, on the other hand, makes a strong case for mimicking him.

A famous TikTok video shows how we’re all charging our iPhones incorrectly. Even though iPhone users have different nighttime activities, they all do the same thing. Owners of iPhones typically charge their gadgets at night. The majority of people keep their iPhone chargers on their nightstand. Whether it’s a wireless charging pad, a Magsafe stand, or a Lightning cord. With a fully charged iPhone, they can awaken in this fashion.

TikTok user Shomes (Shoandtech) maintains, however, that the approach is not ideal for charging an iPhone. The user’s iPhone 13 Pro has been showcased since September 2021. He displayed the maximum capacity of the battery. He also demonstrated an iPhone 12 Pro with a fully charged battery.

Taking into account Apple’s ideal battery charging, which outlines how to charge your iPhone every day in order to extend its longevity. In general, the capacity of an iPhone’s battery declines by 10% per year. According to Apple, the iPhone battery is designed to retain up to 80% of its initial capacity after 500 full charge cycles. Consistent overnight charge, on the other hand, accelerates the battery’s loss of initial capacity.

In a TikTok video, Shomes suggests that the user charge their iPhone as needed. If it still has 40% or 50% charge when you go to bed, leave it. When it turns red the next day, you can recharge it again. As a result, the battery will not be overcharged and will last longer than when charged overnight.

Of course, this method will not work for everyone.

Because not everyone has access to a charger during the day, some people will be unable to charge when they most need to. But, if it makes sense for you, why not give it a shot?

If you need to charge your iPhone overnight, Apple’s latest iPhones include an efficient charging system. It will automatically calculate your schedule and begin charging at 80%. There are more steps you may take to improve battery charge.

All background app updates are disabled in low power mode. Select Background App Refresh in Settings < General. You can either stop the feature entirely or limit background app refresh to Wi-Fi only rather than Wi-Fi plus Cellular. Some folks, though, may realise that avoiding WiFi and using background refresh apps works better. When background app refresh is off, apps are not allowed to update while you are not using them.

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