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Khan Calls The Islamabad March As Pakistan’s Biggest Independence Movement

  • Imran Khan has promised to fight until the next general election.
  • We will struggle until the country gains its rights through elections.
  • Khan has promised that the long march will begin in Lahore on Friday.

Following the verdict of the Supreme Court, PTI Chairman Imran Khan referred to his “Azadi March” as the “biggest liberation movement” in the nation’s history on Wednesday.

My heart tells me that this will be the largest independence movement in Pakistan’s history. We will continue to fight until elections grant the country its rights Khan stated at a rally in Sialkot.

After the Supreme Court denied the federal government’s request to suspend the extended march to Islamabad, Pakistan’s Chief Justice (CJP), Umar Ata Bandial, advised the government to hold talks with the former prime minister.

Despite repeated official cautions to Khan, the long march to Islamabad will begin at dawn on October 28 (Friday) from Lahore’s Liberty Chowk.

The administration repeatedly cautioned Khan before turning to the Supreme Court, with a key official threatening to tenfold the May 25 policy if Khan announced another long march.

If the PTI organises another long march, it will be the party’s second trip to Islamabad. The last march took place on May 25, and when Khan arrived in Islamabad, he promptly called it off.

Both new and old workers should start organising. This is a war against a foreign plot that resulted in the imposition of robbers on us; it is not a power or political struggle Khan told his supporters.

The former prime minister claimed that the purpose of his long march was to rid the country of the ruling “dacoits” in order to attain “real” independence.

If this band of crooks continues to control us, all of our sacrifices [for Pakistan] would be for naught. On Friday, I’ll be leaving Lahore. This will be Pakistan’s largest independence movement.

Khan said that his war against the “constantly imposed American slaves” would continue until the country was allowed to choose its own leaders.

The former prime minister advised the federal government to brace itself because he and his “handlers” will encounter a crowd in the capital. He also suggested that Interior Minister Rana Sanaullah do the same.

Khan attacked the administration, pledging to pursue those accountable for “mistreating” PTI leader and former interior minister Azam Swati.

The PTI leader was arrested on October 13 in Islamabad by the FIA’s Cybercrime Wing (CCW) after a case was filed against him over tweets critical of the army chief. However, he was granted post-arrest bail eight days later in exchange for Rs. 1 million in surety bonds.

“They are scooping up our social media employees,” Khan lashed out at the government. However, it would not only impact Imran Khan in Islamabad; Pakistan as a nation will suffer.

The PML-Nawaz N’s Sharif responded to Khan’s demand by alleging that the PTI leader was just on a long march to “appoint an army commander of his choice,” not to bring about a national revolution.

The nation has experienced his revolution in the last four years of his leadership.

Imran Khan, who refers to others as criminals, has established himself as the greatest thief in history, with solid proof of foreign money, Tosha Khana, and a $50 billion crime.

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