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Know Your Karachi, Digital Map Of The City Will Be Available Soon On KMC Website

  • A computerized map called “Know Your Karachi” was created.
  • Murtaza Wahab believes that the purpose of a map is to offer important city information.
  • says that all relevant information would be collected in one area after preparation

According to Administrator Barrister Murtaza Wahab’s directives, the Karachi Metropolitan Corporation (KMC) has started constructing a computerized map of the city.

According to Wahab, the KMC website would soon include information on the ‘Know Your Karachi’ interactive map.

He made the statements during a meeting with Municipal Commissioner Syed Afzal Zaidi on Tuesday. He said that “the process of modernizing municipal service delivery will continue” with the use of modern technologies.

Wahab investigated the production of the “unique” digital map for the first time at the KMC. According to him, the new digital map was created to convey important information about the city.

He said that when the map was established, all relevant information, such as municipal services, the proper police station, wards, UCs, fire stations, hospitals, universities, colleges, public spaces, playgrounds, parks, and libraries, would be available in one spot.

The map, which will be available on the KMC website, will also feature bus routes and postboxes. The municipal administration said that they would welcome any feedback and suggestions from the public in order to improve the map.

He went on to state that in order for inhabitants, tourists, and other people to acquire information, modern digital maps of this kind had been made and disseminated online in all major cities across the world.

People may use the map to more easily travel and navigate about the city. Because Karachi is one of the world’s largest cities, he believes the new digital map would be useful there as well.

Wahab directed the estate department to deploy all available resources to increase tax collection, citing the importance of fulfilling revenue targets to the KMC‘s long-term financial health.

While examining the situation of tax recovery under the estate department, the administrator said that all revenue departments should mobilize their personnel and make every effort to make the greatest use of the currently available techniques of tax collection.

At the meeting, Samira Hussain, the estate director, gave a report on a variety of themes and said that efforts were being made to boost revenue collection. She expected that things would improve soon. Wahab said that initiatives were being taken to make the KMC’s departments more lively and active, and that the results will be seen shortly.

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