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“Last Of Us” Series Has Received Positive Reviews

Critics have given The Last of Us, the series that is receiving plaudits on social media, a thumbs up.

According to reviews, the series is easily the finest video game adaptation ever created and the first to successfully break the gaming-TV crossover curse. The “Last of Us,” a post-apocalyptic film set in post-apocalyptic America about two individuals attempting to live in a world decimated by a killer fungus, may seem unoriginal. However, the episode defies all we have seen in catastrophe films and television previously.

It received five stars from writer John Nugent for Empire Magazine, who said you never get the sense that you’re watching a video game. In spite of the fact that he said, “it is a somewhat weird experience to watch its most memorable moments (the collapsing tower, the giraffes) brilliantly portrayed in live action,”

The Washington Post applauded the writing for being true to the source material while also pointing out how certain character growth enriched the story.

People who know the game by heart will probably be able to quote some phrases from the programme as they are being said, according to Gene Park.

It received four stars from Nick Hilton, a critic for The Independent, who called it “unquestionably a new landmark in the apparently hard challenge of translating video games.”

The story centres on the characters Joel and Ellie as they deal with a pandemic that has been going across the world for 20 years but for which, unlike Covid, there are no vaccinations.

But because they are dealing with zombies instead of a coronavirus, being alone does play a role.

On Sunday, HBO Max will exclusively premiere the popular post-apocalyptic video game’s TV version.

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