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Leo Messi Told His Teammates On Team Bus After Loss To Saudi Arabia, “They Are Dead”

What happened in Argentina’s camp after the heartbreaking defeat? They ate, didn’t they? What were Messi and Scaloni’s comments?

The locker area in the Lusail stadium, often known as the vagina stadium, was deafeningly quiet. In the mixed zone where reporters wait for passing footballers, a disgruntled Lionel Messi could only say, They are dead, when asked about his teammates’ initial, profoundly disappointed reaction.

What is the truth? Dead. We did not expect things to get off to such a horrible start, so it is a devastating blow. We expected to receive the three points that would have put us at peace. Everything happens for a reason. We have to get ready for what is coming, we have to win, and it all depends on us, he would say in the mixed zone.

Messi remained silent in the locker room, where they had supposedly been shut up for an hour. As the squad bus began to leave in the pitch-black desert, Messi stood up. Clarin, Argentina’s best-selling daily newspaper, has the details. Before we get to Messi, the newspaper headline, “Looking for retribution!” (En busca de revenga! ), is shocking.

On the journey to the National University of Qatar, where he sleeps alone in a room, Essi explained how this is an opportunity to show what this group is made of, get stronger than ever, and look ahead, according to Clarin.

Few visitors to the campus chose to consume the complimentary meal instead of staying inside and calling their loved ones.

Scaloni and the coaching staff quickly convened. They argue that the lengthy speech was meant to improve everyone’s spirits, particularly those unfamiliar with this type of competition. According to Clarin, because the majority of the Albiceleste team is fresh to the World Cup, it is critical to aid them mentally in situations like this.

Despite the fact that it was a “tense dinner,” the players’ dissatisfaction and rage quickly gave way to encouraging dialogue with one another and on social media. Others, including Di Mara, Papu Gómez, and De Paul, followed them, including Dibu Martnez.

Training has evolved over time. Argentina has traditionally practiced around 6 a.m. or, in rare situations, 3 a.m., but on Wednesday it will be at 11, just before midday.

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