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‘Live Q&A’ Youtube New Feature Make Easy To Manage Questions During Livestreams

YouTube is launching a new “Live Q&A” option to make it easier for artists to interact with fans during livestreams. When creators initiate a Q&A, the prompt will appear as a pinned note in the conversation. The creators can then pin one of the viewers’ questions so that viewers can see what the creator is replying to.

Previously, creators had to deal with a flood of live chat questions. With the new feature, questions will be provided in a more structured format, making it easier for authors to manage. After the Q&A session, you can return to the usual live chat.

According to a YouTube blog article, “Live Q&A allows you to host and manage Q&A sessions in live chat during your streams and Premieres directly from the Live Control Room (LCR).”

With Live Q&A, you can instantly establish a sense of community while answering a variety of essential questions from your viewers. This option will be offered alongside Live Polls, another excellent tool for communicating with viewers of your live.

YouTube organizes questions chronologically, with the most recent ones at the top. There is no limit to the number of questions that can be submitted, but the oldest questions on the list will be eliminated after 200.

Aur Sunao -  Live Q&A: Youtube New Feature Make Easy To Manage Questions During Livestreams
Aur Sunao Live Q&A Youtube New Feature Make Easy To Manage Questions During Livestreams

The same techniques used to monitor live chat are utilized to manage questions submitted via Live Q&A. People with Manager or Editor channel access, on the other hand, will be able to govern the Q&A list, which includes seeing the question list, selecting which questions to answer, and eliminating questions. Moderators are unable to answer questions during Live Q&As.

The launch of the new feature coincides with YouTube’s attempt to compete with Twitch and TikTok, the latter of which has a distinct Q&A tool created exclusively for livestreams.

As YouTube focuses on competing with other platforms, the company has introduced new possibilities to its livestream offering. Users can express their special thanks to video creators by using YouTube’s Super Thanks tool, which allows them to choose one of four pre-set payouts ranging from $2 to $50. Additionally, the company provides a way for producers to monetise their livestreams using Super Chat. For fans who want to interact with and support their favorite authors, a Super Stickers option is also accessible.

YouTube last week introduced a new tool that will allow a select number of producers to invite a visitor to go live with them. Initially, creators will be unable to co-stream on YouTube’s desktop edition; they will only be able to do so using a phone. Only a few producers will have access to the new service at initially, but YouTube hopes to expand co-streaming to more creators in the future.

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