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Moen Jo Daro’s Life: Man Created Prehistoric Society Using Artificial Intelligence

Makli: Rehmatullah Mirbahar, would you like to hear about life in Moen Jo Daro 5000 years ago?

Mirbahar spent the day and night reading about ancient history and learning about artificial intelligence.

Mirbahar’s images described Moen Jo Daro’s life in detail, and they immediately garnered popularity on social media.

An artist from a town in Pakistan’s Southern Sindh Province used AI to recreate life in Moe. Daro Jo is one of the most beautiful things built by humans in the past.

Aur Sunao - Moen Jo Daro's Life: Man Created Prehistoric Society Using Artificial Intelligence

Rehmatullah Mirbahar, a 34-year-old computer operator and young artist employed by the Thatta district health department, studied artificial intelligence at all hours of the day and night. Using YouTube and website tutorials, he taught himself how to generate art using artificial intelligence.

He was caught aback when the site, which had been occupied between 2500 and 1500 BC before being abandoned and discovered in 1921, acquired worldwide acclaim.

The metropolis was the largest settlement of the Indus Valley Civilization and one of the world’s first big cities.

I didn’t upload these images when I first created them because I didn’t think people would like them, Mirbahar says. He made his points while sitting at his computer in a little Makli room.

Aur Sunao - Moen Jo Daro's Life: Man Created Prehistoric Society Using Artificial Intelligence

Nearby lies a massive ancient city with millions of tombs and burials. The area is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and it has one of the largest cemeteries in the world.

I can’t believe how popular these became after I posted them. “Wonderful,” was the response.
I had calls from Germany and the United States, in addition to India.

Mirbahar stated that after spending over three months using AI capabilities, he wanted to show the world how people lived in the old city of Moen Jo Daro and what type of life they had.

Mirbahar believes that artificial intelligence was the greatest option for the project because it delivers results based on publicly available online data.

Mirbahar had to step in a few times. He claimed that he was seeking to learn more about the region’s prehistoric architecture, culture, and religion by using his experience and images from Moen Jo Daro and other Navient sites in Sindh.

Aur Sunao - Moen Jo Daro's Life: Man Created Prehistoric Society Using Artificial Intelligence

I reinvented everything that came to mind about Moen-Jo-Daro using AI. Based on the data it possesses, it produces 50-60% accurate results and requires adjustments to how people’s faces appear. The only modifications we need to make to their look are to alter their colours and fix their faces; the rest will be handled by AI.

Furthermore, several critics of the final photographs have pointed out missing elements.
Many people complained about it on social media, saying that there should be a river here and more greenery.

In the future, I will update this to Moen-Jo-Daro version two, he said. I’ll fix the error that the people requested for this version.

I also work with organisations outside of Pakistan. In the future, AI will recreate all of these. My family chastised me heavily for what you’re doing, what you’ve done, and your wasteful spending, he added.

However, “whatever I am today, and my family members are also happy, is because of this computer.

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