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Mother Love Is The Greatest Gift Of All, Happy Mother’s Day

A mother performs several functions, including companion, disciplinarian, guardian, and guide. She is a selfless, compassionate lady who sacrifices many of her wants and needs to secure the happiness of their children. The love of a mother for her children is steadfast.

On the Sunday closest to May 12, we honor mothers everywhere by observing Mother’s Day. This day is dedicated to honoring mothers and recognizing the significant impact that mothers have on their children’s lives.

Mother’s Day History

It is widely believed that the United States was the birthplace of Mother’s Day. Because her mother had requested that a memorial be held in her honor after her death, a woman named Anna Jarvis planned one. Jarvis held a memorial service at Andrews Methodist Episcopal Church three years after her mother died on May 10, 1908, to commemorate her mother and all mothers.

Why It Is Important To Celebrate Mother’s Day?

Mother’s Day should be marked to show a mother’s unconditional love and dedication, as well as to thank her for everything she does for her child. A mother is a child’s first companion, with whom they share their joys, sorrows, and emotions. It is critical to recognize Mother’s Day in order to make your mother feel special.

Role Of The Mother In Islam

Islam, as is generally known, has granted women more freedom and privileges than any other faith. When a woman becomes a mother, she assumes a vital role. Because mothers have a significant and respected role in Islam.

We appreciate and thank them for their assistance. When asked about the status of mothers, Muhammad (SAW) reportedly said, Paradise lies beneath the feet of mothers.

Real Message Of International Mother’s Day

There are limitations to how we can make this day special for the beautiful women in our lives while other countries remain under lockdown due to the COVID-19 epidemic.

The tie that exists between a mother and her kid cannot be severed. Whatever the situation, she is always by her child’s side. All of a woman’s sacrifices for her child are unrepayable. We can only appreciate her and praise her for what she has done for us.

On this special occasion, we must pause from our frantic activities and reflect on reality. Almost every old or fragile woman on the planet is a mother. Every mother should be treated as if she were her own mother, and those in need should be helped.

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