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NADRA Launches Pak-ID Smartphone Application For Online Services

Pak-ID is a new smartphone application developed by the National Database Registration Authority (NADRA) to assist its citizens.

The software will make the process of applying for a National Identity Card easier.
Individuals can now apply for identification cards and other documents from the convenience of their own homes.

NADRA has made another effort to make things easier for its customers by providing the most latest mobile app, which allows users to access and apply from anywhere in the country.

Tariq Malik, Chairman of Nadra, advised the general public to educate themselves about the application’s efficiency. Thanks to NADRA’s mobile app, Pakistan is now the first country in the world to deploy “ID Technology.”

A beta version of the future Pak-ID mobile app is also available. People who finish the entire application process through this app while sitting at home can have their ID documents delivered to their door.

Because of this effort, Pakistanis can now receive their ID cards without having to wait in long queues or risk their lives.

According to Tariq Malik, the smartphone software has a document identification mechanism as well as biometric verification. Citizens can upload appropriate documents using a mobile app.

Furthermore, he claimed that Pictures, fingerprints, and digital signatures can also be added to the online application. As a result, the initiative will be critical to achieving Digital Pakistan’s objectives.

Certainly, the decision to publish this smartphone software will greatly assist Pakistanis living in other countries.

Pakistan becomes a leader in the ID Management Industry by introducing a mobile app that collects biometrics—fingerprints, facial recognition, and document scanning—required for processing citizens’ ID cards and documents.

The digital rewards of such technological innovation will have a good impact on financial inclusion, Tariq Malik said at the meeting. But, e-KYC and remote identification are available to make doing business more convenient.

Furthermore, this project is expected to provide organisations with new opportunities by allowing them to quickly onboard clients and provide password-less authentication.

Citizens can take advantage of the opportunity by downloading it from the Google Play Store for Android users. At the same time, Apple users can access it through the Apple Store (iOS).

Regrettably, NADRA’s online identity issuance service Pak-Identity does not offer a complete answer for seeking an identity card. Pakistanis can use this app if they provide the following forms of identification:

  • CNIC alterations
  • Duplicate or misplaced CNIC
  • CNIC Expansion
  • New NICOP
  • NICOP modification
  • NICOP Expansion
  • NICOP Missing/Reprinted

Furthermore, it supports a wide range of functions, including:

  • Using a smartphone camera to capture fingerprints
  • A list of applications in the user’s inbox
  • Logging into an account using biometrics
  • Take a digital signature with the phone’s touchscreen.
  • OTP-based verified authentication
  • Document submission via a smartphone camera or the upload feature
  • Using the phone’s camera to take ICAO-compliant pictures
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