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Karachi’s National Stadium Name Was Changed

Aur Sunao - National Stadium Karachi's Name Was Changed

National Stadium in Karachi was renamed and now National Bank Cricket Arena.

The Pakistan Cricket Board has entered into an agreement with the National Bank to change the name of the National Stadium.

The agreement was signed by PCB Chairman Ramiz Raja and Bank President and CEO Rahmat Ali Hosni and the agreement is for 5 years.

In this regard, Rameez Raja said that it is an honor for National Bank to tie up with PCB, stadiums are a great way of marketing and it is valued worldwide.

He said that Karachi is the cradle of cricket and National Stadium is a history of Pakistan cricket. The CEO of National Bank said that it is the beginning of partnership with our board, working as a national institution, it is an honor to take the rights of the National Stadium.


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