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Netflix Allow To Play TV Games Using Phone As Controller

According to Bloomberg and Steve Moser, the company will now be able to make its games playable on any device that supports Netflix. Customers would be able to play Netflix games on TV while utilising their phone as a controller with the new feature.

The timing of these news pieces corresponds with Netflix’s recent promise that its games will soon be playable on every Streaming device that you have, confirming the rumours.

Moser said that the Netflix iOS app has code lines indicating how the company intends to use the iPhone or even Android phones as a controller for TV games, adding to the list of evidence debunking his news piece.

The code line identified by Moser asks the user to determine whether they want to use their smartphone as a controller by presenting a notice pop-up notifying them that a game on your TV requires a controller to play. Do you want to use this phone as a video game controller?

Netflix began delivering game services in 2021, but despite the release of more than 55 titles, the app’s gaming feature is only available on iOS and Android smartphones. As a result, users with larger-screen smartphones are unable to play games. Yet, if the rumours are true, the scenario will not endure long.

Although using people’s cellphones as controllers is an innovative technique, it looks that Netflix is seeking to avoid the mistake that Google made with its Stadia service by not supplying separate controllers.

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