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Netflix Users Will No Longer Be Able To Share Passwords

Netflix, the most popular entertainment website, is changing its password-sharing policy. The site has decided to charge shared accounts. The entertainment platform in the United States severely prohibits password sharing. Netflix’s subscription service was launched earlier this year in four countries: Canada, New Zealand, Spain, and Portugal.

Netflix says they are “pleased with the results” and plan to expand the service, including in the United States, in the coming quarter.

According to a Netflix study, paid sharing is another important initiative as widespread account sharing (100 M+ households) undercuts our ability to build our business and invest in Netflix for our paying members.

The streaming service does warn that it expects a “cancel reaction” from its subscribers when the news is public. Users, on the other hand, regularly reactivate their accounts.

Netflix has previously claimed that it expects more than 100 million homes worldwide to use shared accounts and that it is strengthening password requirements. However, sharing would be a fantastic way to increase revenue.

Last year, Netflix claimed, 2022 was a tough year with a bumpy start, but a brighter finish. We will be able to re-accelerate our revenue growth on a clear route. We keep working to improve Netflix in every way.

Our north stars remain our members’ satisfaction and ever-increasing revenue throughout time.

How Will Netflix’s Password Sharing Crackdown Work?

Subscribers can currently use their account on one, two, or four screens at once, with prices varying depending on the number of displays accessible.

Each account costs between $9.99 and $19.99 each month. With the exception of one critical change, none of this will change if the password-sharing vulnerability is detected.

Following that, the home for all streaming devices linked with an account must be the same. In the first half of last year, Netflix began testing paid password sharing in Costa Rica, Chile, and Peru. Netflix now allows customers in these countries to move their personal information, including watching preferences, to another person’s account.

Customers who want to share their accounts with individuals outside their houses can also pay for sub-accounts for additional family members or friends.

According to a letter from the company in January, based on what we’ve seen in Latin America, we expect to see some cancellations in each market when we roll out paid sharing, which will affect user growth in the short term.

Netflix, on the other hand, said that as borrower households start using their standalone accounts and more member accounts are added, they expect to see an increase in overall revenue, which is the goal of all plan and price changes.

How Do You Prevent Password Sharing?

Netflix will seek a four-digit verification number from users on a streaming device that is not in the account owner’s house.

To access their account, the user of the account must enter the four-digit code within fifteen minutes.

Netflix states that it will use data from devices logged into an account, such as IP addresses, device identifiers, and account activity, to establish device authentication.

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