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Netflix’s Triptych: What’s The Real Story Behind Spanish Thriller Series?

Triptych, a new Spanish-language Netflix series, is a masterfully produced thriller.

Leticia Lopez Margalli wrote the crime thriller series, which centres on the deception of forensics specialist Becca. Here’s what you should know about the upcoming thriller genre:


“Triptych” will only be available on Netflix. After realising she was separated from her two similar sisters at birth, a lady embarks on a perilous journey to discover the truth about her ancestors.

Who has what role?

In “Triptych,” Perroni plays the lead. Perroni is most recognised for her work on the TV programmes “Rebelde” and “Burden of Guilt” in 2009 and 2010. (2006). Becca, a forensics specialist, will be played by her. The series stars Angel Zermen as Moreno, Hector Kotsifakis as Quezada, and Vicky Araico as Raquel. Ofelia Medina, Ana Layevska, Chocarro, Medina, and Nuria Bages will also appear in the series.


The trailer for the upcoming series has captivated everyone. Some social media users have even made parallels between this show’s concept and tone and the popular Canadian sci-fi show “Orphan Black.”

Release Date

The Netflix original series “Triptych” is set to premiere on February 22, 2023. The duration and number of episodes of the series are yet to be established.

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