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New Counter-Strike Game Coming Soon With Better Graphics And Better Matchmaking

Valve is rereleasing Counter-Strike: Global Offensive on the market more than ten years after its initial release.

Even if rumours have been circulating in the market for a while, they are legitimate news for a variety of reasons.

Reporter Richard Lewis has shown that the news has a solid history. He earlier admitted in 2015 that a sizable professional CS:GO team had purposefully thrown a match.

Second, there is no news on the radio. Some CS: GO fans found references to “csgo2.exe” and “cs2.exe” in Nvidia’s GPU drivers from February, which was earlier this month.

According to esports journalist Richard Lewis, Valve has been working on a CS:GO sequel for some time.

The version is already there in the beta release, which is scheduled for later this month. Lewis asserts that a playtest for the game was just conducted by the team in April. a group of seasoned athletes that travelled to Seattle with them.

According to information made public by a number of sources, Valve plans to begin its beta testing phase with the greater Counter-Strike Community no later than April 1st. To meet players’ expectations, it emphasises publishing and game improvement.

According to recent rumours, the next iteration of Counter-Strike will have better graphics thanks to a transition to Source 2, Valve’s newest in-house game engine.

The support for 128-tick servers will help reduce latency and align CS with Valorant, though. This time, Valve has also significantly improved the matchmaking process. As a result, the community will depend less on external services like FACEIT.

Current Counter-Strike 2 Priorities At Valve

According to the reports, Counter-Strike 2 is Valve’s studio’s highest priority. The first-person shooter series Counter-Strike 2 has been under development for a time.

Sources say that the game is also “ready to hit the market.” Even though the test launch is also scheduled for March or April.

‘CS: GO’ maintenance has reportedly slowed down recently since a lot of resources have been allocated to making Counter-Strike 2.

One of the research claims that “getting it out and then polishing it” is crucial. before bringing it up to the standard that people have come to expect from CS, any bugs should be fixed.

Sequel With Improved Graphics And Matchmaking

The source 2 game engine would be used in Counter Strike 2, according to the Valve article. The phrase implies that the new game would outperform its predecessors in terms of both performance and graphics.

On the other side, those that enjoy “CS: GO” without any issues might not have the same experience playing its sequel.

Yet, there are also plans to expand online matchmaking. Contrarily, Counter-Strike 2 might make use of the same matchmaking system as its predecessors.

Sadly, this sequel’s aspect will be “an ongoing development” that will improve with time.

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