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Nokia Changes Logo And Brand Identity For The First Time In 60 Years

According to Nokia CEO Pekka Lundmark, the transformation occurred because Nokia no longer sees itself as a smartphone company, but rather as a business technology company.

Nokia, a renowned mobile phone business in the 2000s, recently announced a makeover, updating both its logo and corporate identity—the company’s first such change in nearly 60 years.

The new lettermark-style logo is made up of five separate geometrical forms that create the word “Nokia” in a modern, streamlined design. The new logo has new colours and a new design, but it isn’t noticeably different from the old one.

The old Nokia logo was also a lettermark with the words “Nokia” inscribed in huge typeface and coloured in an unusually tranquil blue shade.

According to information provided by the corporation, Nokia’s mobile phone business will stop with this change in its logo and brand identity, and the company will transition into a business technology company.

“There was the association to smartphones,” says Nokia CEO Pekka Lundmark, “and today we are a commercial technology enterprise.”

Nokia’s Chief Executive made the statement during the Mobile World Congress (MWC), which was held in Barcelona and attended by executives from some of the world’s leading technology companies.

When Pekka Lundmark was named CEO of Nokia in 2020, the company, which had been struggling in the mobile phone industry for some time, revealed a simple three-step plan. The company has completed stage one, during which it converted from a mobile phone company to a corporate technology corporation. These were the three stages: reset, accelerate, and scale.

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