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Nokia Working To Set Up 4G Mobile Network On The Moon

According to details, Nokia plans to launch the 4G network this year using a SpaceX rocket.

4G internet has been available to consumers on Earth for more than 14 years. Yet, the technology is about to take off and provide high-speed internet to consumers on the moon.

Nokia, the Finnish telecoms company, has revealed that it is planning to establish a 4G network on the moon later this year. You did not misunderstand. If successful, this mobile network will improve lunar discoveries and enable future lunar missions and investigations.

According to material released on Nokia’s official website, the 4G network will be established with the help of SpaceX, which will deliver the network system to the moon on a SpaceX rocket.

The network system, according to the specifics, is built on a rover that may roam from one site to another depending on the necessities. This rover can generate energy from solar panels, allowing it to power both the 4G network and itself.

This rover’s base station with antennas housing a Nova-C lunar lander, ensuring a successful launch.

It has been proposed that the 4G network rover be stationed on the moon’s southern limb, at Shackleton crater. The 4G technology is powerful and long-lasting, and it can resist the harsh circumstances of the moon.

The Artemis 1 project, which aims to be the first human landing on the moon’s surface since 1972, is the main reason for starting the 4G network. Reports say that the astronauts on the Artemis 1 mission will be the first people on the moon to use the 4G network.

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