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NUST Develops Pakistan’s First 3D Concrete Printer

The Structure and Survey Department of the National University of Science and Technology (NUST) in Islamabad recently developed Pakistan’s first ecologically friendly 3D concrete printer.

The research team, which included NUST undergraduate Raja Dilawar Riaz, originally created the printer on a modest scale before scaling it up. According to Riaz, the biggest advantage of the technology is that it eliminates the need for laborers, which might cut building costs by 40 to 50 percent.

The printer can function constantly and respond quickly. This technology has the potential to totally revolutionize Pakistan’s housing market, where 10 million people live in homes that are neither economically nor environmentally sustainable.

So, how does this printer work? According to Riaz, the 3D concrete printer can be operated by a laptop and its associated controller and can travel in three directions.

You can mix cement and other chemicals and regulate them using a computerized controller system to print construction materials in various forms. Riaz went on to say that this printer may be used to make building materials such as bricks and pillars, as well as plant pots.

The 3D concrete printer was presented for the first time at the International Housing Expo under the heading of “Low-Cost Modern Housing Technology,” where it was highly appreciated. A number of firms contributed prize money to the effort.

This printer, which cost Rs. 800,000, took nearly a year to prepare. Since displaying the printer, Riaz claims that major construction firms in Pakistan have contacted him, expressing a desire to develop similar devices. This cutting-edge technology has the potential to change how inexpensive and ecologically friendly housing is offered in Pakistan and abroadNUST Develops Pakistan’s First 3D Concrete Printer.

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