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One Person Is Trying To Turn Pakistan Into Anarchist State, Zardari

  • PTI is criticized by Zardari for spewing hatred on agencies.
  • Claims that institutions are important for Pakistan’s survival.
  • Promises to thwart the “enemy’s” plot.

KARACHI: PPP co-chairman Asif Ali Zardari said on Saturday that “one man”—an apparent reference to Imran Khan—could not be allowed to turn the country into an anarchist state, and that they would not tolerate any assault on institutions.

Zardari chastised the PTI for spreading animosity on the country’s agencies and said that one guy is pushing every limit to destabilize the country.

That man has no regard for the country’s institutions, nor does he care about its integrity. His only thoughts are of power, power, and only power.

He claimed that institutions were critical to the nation’s survival.

We have fought the enemy alongside our institutions since 1947 and will continue to do so in the future, but this time the enemy struck us through our own people, according to Zardari.

We will foil the enemy’s plot, and we will never forget the martyrdoms of the Pakistan Army.

Following his recovery from an attempted assassination, former Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan pledged on Friday to continue his protest march to Islamabad, as his supporters planned statewide demonstrations that blocked major highways.

On Thursday, Khan was leading a protest march into the capital, calling for early elections and the resignation of Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif, when he was shot in the leg while waving to people from a truck-mounted container.

Khan, a former international cricketer turned politician, said in a live broadcast from a hospital in Lahore where he is receiving medical treatment on Friday, I will give a call to march on Islamabad as soon as I become better.

Khan cited three people as the masterminds of the assassination plot, including Interior Minister Rana Sanaullah, Prime Minister Shehbaz, and a military official.

The Pakistani military’s media wing called the claims baseless and dangerous.

The government of Pakistan has been requested to investigate the matter and initiate legal action against those guilty for defamation and false claims against the institution and its officials without any evidence whatsoever, said the military’s Inter Services Public Relations (ISPR).

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