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Oxford University Scholarships Announced For Pakistani Students

The Oxford Pakistan Programme (OPP) has announced the Tareen Oxford Scholarship, which will help pay for graduate studies at Oxford for Pakistani students who can’t afford it on their own.

The scholarship is intended to help gifted South Punjabi students who have been admitted into one of the graduate programmes at Kellogg College, University of Oxford, and who are eligible for it.

When the scholarship is awarded on a means-tested basis, students who can significantly contribute to the development of South Punjab will be given preference. It will be part of the OPP’s graduate scholarship programme and will include living expenses as well as tuition. Every year, at least three graduate scholarships are awarded to meritorious Pakistani and British Pakistani students through this project.

Ali Tareen, a graduate of Kellogg College, has given a lot to make the Tareen Oxford Scholarship possible. The scholarship is paid for by a five-year plan that includes donations every year and a steady flow of money. The grant will be advertised by the OPP, Kellogg College, Central University, and the parts of the University that are part of the University. It will be open to anyone who wants to go to graduate school at the University.

Because South Punjab is one of the least developed parts of Pakistan, students from there often can’t apply for foreign scholarships. The Tareen Oxford Scholarship was one of the first schemes that helped students from South Punjab. The scholarship will not only help the people who get it, but it will also help the dreams of other smart kids in the areas where Tareen scholars will be found.

The fellowship will also help Oxford’s intellectual society grow and change. Together with Ali Tareen, the OPP will set up a special access plan for students from South Punjab. This is to encourage bright young people from that area to apply to Oxford University and get the Tareen Oxford Scholarship. There will be two projects in this programme:

An access programme for final-year students who want to get M.Sc. or Ph.D. degrees abroad will include an access conference for students from South Punjab who want to do so. The first 20 people who sign up for the Access Conference will get free guidance from an Oxford student or recent graduate.

South Punjab will have 100 candidates picked for the F.Sc. toppers and first-year public sector university toppers courses. These students must have either completed or achieved the highest grades in their first year of college. These students will be mentored on how to make the most of their next three to four years, as well as advice on future vocations and one-on-one coaching to support their ambitions to be the best minds on the world.

It is vital to remember that only about 30 Pakistani students receive graduate offers to study at Oxford each year, but they are unable to take advantage of the opportunity due to financial difficulties. Hundreds of other talented students make the same decision not to apply to Oxford.

At the graduate level at Oxford, Pakistanis and British Pakistanis are the least common group. The Oxford Pakistan effort (OPP) is a first-of-its-kind project at the University of Oxford. Its goal is to increase the number of Pakistani students at Oxford and to encourage academic work in Pakistan. The Oxford Pakistan Programme has a page where you can find out more about the scholarships.

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