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Pakistan Plans To Establish Local SIM Production

Pakistan is prepared to launch local production of SIM cards and smart cards in order to protect the country against cyberattacks, provide job opportunities, and preserve important foreign dollars.

According to the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority’s annual report, the country “is planning to begin local manufacturing of SIMs and smart cards to insulate the country from the threat of cyber-attacks amid a brewing cyber war.”

One of the government’s key aims is digital transformation and the creation of an enabling environment, and in the age of digital services, SIMs and smart cards play an important role. Because millions of SIM cards are presently imported, local SIM manufacturing will have a substantial economic impact.

PTA provided complete support to the telecom industry’s critical operations such as authorisation, compliance, and SIM card manufacturing, among other things.

Local SIM and smart card production has already exceeded all others as the largest industry in many national economies, and it is critical to encouraging long-term economic growth.

The projected engagement of the industry would not be restricted to local engineering viewpoints or technology transfer.

From a business viewpoint, it will enhance the economy by increasing tax income, creating job opportunities, and preserving valuable foreign exchange.

Furthermore, it will provide academia with a new viewpoint on research and development.

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