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Pakistani Students Develop Drone Ambulance To Help Flood Victims

Two adolescent females from Shah Abdul Latif University in Khairpur created a drone ambulance model. The purpose of the project is to help flood victims.

Two students from Khairpur’s Shah Abdul Latif University created a drone ambulance prototype to aid flood victims. Sumaya Bhutto and Tohftul-Nisa Mirani are final-year Physics Department students. The talented girls show how they requested a prototype at the Annual Science Expo.

We should be grateful to the youngsters, said the Expo’s organizer, because they came up with the idea and turned it into a reality with the facilities and resources they had.

The project’s idea was to use drone technology to improve healthcare delivery. This form of drone, according to the students, can operate in locations where humans cannot. With this ambulance drone, we can give first aid and relief medications to the trapped people. We have access to information regarding folks in need as well.

The drone, on the other hand, may be controlled remotely using a smartphone or laptop. The drone is powered by a 100KW motor.

The motor, which travels at a speed of 70 meters per hour, can power the batteries for 30 to 40 minutes. Sumaya Bhutto claims that the drone can carry up to 30 kg and comes with a first-aid kit.

She stated that the drone, which she referred to as a “air ambulance,” will be able to bring aid to the injured. Drones might lift more weight if stronger drone motors were installed.

A drone is a flying robot that can be remotely commanded or can fly autonomously using embedded software-controlled flight plans. It is an aerial vehicle that the operator pilots using aerial commands.

Drones have this capability as they navigate; they were designed largely for the aerospace and defense industries. The range and altitude capabilities of different drones vary.

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