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Pakistani Women’s Soccer Team Captain Maria Wins Her Second Bint-e-Hawa Award

Maria Jamila Khan, captain of Pakistan’s women’s football team, received a Bint-e-Hawa achievement award from a joint venture between Bank of Khyber and Bint-e-Hawa.

Chief Organizer Alam Zeb presented her with the Bint-e-Hawa Achievement Award on Monday.

Maria Jamila Khan conveyed her thankfulness to the Bint-e-Hawa organisers for their recognition.

It’s wonderful to see her dedication to the Pakistani women’s football team being recognised.

Maria Jamila Khan, a well-known and talented football player, leads the Pakistan Women’s squad in the UAE football competition. She was also voted the competition’s best player.

Maria Jamila Khan was born in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and is a descendant of the renowned squash player Hashim Khan.

It is worth noting that she did not attend the 2nd Bint-e-Hawa Achievements Awards ceremony, which was held in Peshawar on March 8, 2023.

In today’s male-dominated culture, the Bint-e-Hawa Achievements Awards honoured and recognised dynamic women from all areas of life who are capable of confronting and overcoming life’s challenges with their knowledge, experience, and talents.

They had 80 women nominated for awards in several categories who had made contributions to women’s empowerment and were qualified to increase women’s well-being.

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