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Pakistan’s Famous Fashion Icons Announce First Fashion Museum “Gala Event”

Leading fashion figures in Pakistan have joined hands to establish the country’s first fashion museum, which will open in the winter or spring of 2023-2024.

According to longstanding fashion figures Frieha Altaf, Nabila Maqsood, and Fifi Haroon, the Pakistan fashion museum would comprise a collection of garments dating back 75 years.

The launch will take place in Pakistan, at a UNESCO World Heritage site, possibly in the winter or spring of 2023-2024.

On Instagram, the group expressed their joy for the Pakistan Fashion Museum, emphasizing its significance as the country’s first institution of its sort. The muse gala and exhibition, a yearly event in which designers collaborate with famous muses to create spectacular and imaginative fashion experiences, was announced in conjunction with the museum.

It has been reported that the site and event aim to showcase Pakistan’s creative legacy, ingenuity, and style from the last 75 years while also providing a glimpse into Pakistani fashion’s future for the next 75 years. This is because the event is being held on a historical site.

Frieha Altaf, Nabila, and Fifi Haroon said in a video message that they will work for the rest of their lives to promote Pakistani fashion both in Pakistan and around the world. They said that what they were doing was “throwing two lifelines to Pakistani fashion,” with the goal of making the business more creative, exciting, and innovative.

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