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Pakistan’s First Car Rental And Freight Services App Coming Soon

Pakistan recently saw the launching of its first shipping and car rental smartphone app. The main office of the app-based company “The Movers” is in Lahore.

The service will initially be provided exclusively in Lahore; if it is successful there, it will later be available throughout Pakistan.

The Movers’ CEO, Naeem Saqib, stated that, unlike other enterprises that are leaking local wealth, The Movers’ income will remain in Pakistan because the company is entirely homegrown.

The firm notified participants that it would provide discount cards, medical services, and free education for their children.

This application, according to corporate representatives, has a bright future. Its primary goal will be to give the best possible service to its users and employees.

The dignitaries praised the launch of this native app and encouraged other regional businesses to follow suit. They went on to explain that such projects have a better chance of having a large economic impact and producing job possibilities for the broader populace.

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