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Pakistan’s Population Has Crossed 23 Million People

Pakistan’s population would have grown from 59 million in 1970 to 231 million by 2021. (23.10 million).

Young people make up the majority of the population, and the proportion of employees among them has surpassed that of dependents.

In the most recent edition of the State Bank podcast series, three members of the Economic Policy Review Department (EPRD) assessed Pakistan’s demographic potential and highlighted that the country’s population was rapidly growing.

It has increased from 59 million in 1970 to 231 million in 2021. Pakistan’s population is mostly composed of young people, or those under the age of 30.

Because the working population outnumbers the dependant population, the nation’s age distribution favours population opportunity provision.

This condition may result in a demographic dividend, which is a period of high economic development backed by a favourable population structure.

According to studies, the demographic dividend stimulates economic growth. For example, the East Asian economy developed rapidly between 1965 and 1990; it is estimated that population growth was responsible for one-third of this expansion, with favourable economic policies accounting for the other three quarters.

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