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Peshawar Hospital Gets Modern Coronary Angioplasty Technology

The Peshawar Institute of Cardiology, a public hospital, performed the nation’s first coronary angioplasty on Saturday, employing the cutting-edge RotaPro rotating atherectomy therapy, which takes less time and gives better results.

According to Dr. Abidullah, chief of the cardiology section at the PIC, cardiologists successfully completed an operation on a 60-year-old patient using RotaPro. According to him, the treatment, which was developed to treat patients with inflexible, small cardiac veins that caused chest pain and heart attacks, will be utilised more frequently.

I haven’t done this in a long time, but I’m going to give it another shot. According to him, the PIC implemented it to improve patient care because it has produced really positive results.

According to Dr. Abidullah, the institute has eight cardiologists, four of whom were trained in the United Kingdom, and has delivered free cardiac treatments to over 1,400 patients as part of the Sehat Card Plus health insurance scheme.

He claimed that the most latest RotaPro technology, RotaPro, was created and patented by a US business called Boston Scientific to treat “hard constriction” of cardiac veins. Because of our success stories, particularly our low fatality rate, Boston Scientific picked the PIC as the first hospital in Pakistan to implement its Rotapro system, he said.

According to the department chief, using modern medical tools, a cardiologist may treat patients without anaesthesia promptly, painlessly, and without difficulty. He stated that RotaPro successfully eliminated calcium from the coronary arteries.

According to him, problems from this complex treatment are exceedingly rare. Prof. Abidullah believes that the cutting-edge technology will benefit patients who seek therapy for calcified coronary lesions. When contacted, Prof. Shahkar Ahmad Shah, the Medical Director of PIC, noted that, while the institute has created operating guidelines for angiography in difficult cases, doing so required additional personnel and time.

He claimed that the new RotaPro technology exceeds the competition. Prof. Shah claims that the PIC has reached a number of milestones since it began operations in December 2020. He stated that the institute’s medical specialists installed the first-ever transcatheter aortic valve in patients who were unable to undergo open-heart surgery at the beginning of last year.

Since then, he claims, he has carried out several procedures with results that meet international standards. According to the medical director, a single treatment costs Rs 3 million, but the PIC provided it for free.

At the 290-bed public clinic, he stated that 95 percent of cardiac treatments and tests, including angioplasty and angiography, were covered by the government’s SCP programme. Last year, independent auditors awarded the PIC their seal of approval, allowing it to be certified by the Geneva-based International Standards Organization. We expect to achieve Joint Commission International accreditation this year, he said.

According to Prof. Shah, due to the delicate nature of the proceedings, the institute painstakingly followed the requirements of the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Regulatory Authority for Public Procurement.

He said that the institute’s highly skilled workers, cutting-edge apparatus, and modern equipment provided patients with cutting-edge care. Due to an increase in the number of patients, we have (photo) Continued to extend services, he said.

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