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Police Head Of Karachi Advises Citizens Not To Fight Robbers During Mugging

  • One of the two thieves who killed the NED student has been apprehended.
  • The number of sexual assault cases has grown, according to AIG.
  • According to the IG, robbery, dacoity, and street crime were “stable” in 2022.

Speaking about the recent shooting incident that resulted in the death of a young man for resisting a robbery, Additional Inspector General of Police Jawed Alam Odho Friday encouraged Karachi residents not to oppose robbers.

The Karachi police chief also announced the arrest of one of the two robbers involved for the shooting death of Bilal Nasir, a 21-year-old NED University of Engineering and Technology student.

When Bilal confronted two criminals attempting to steal his phone, he was shot and killed inside the Mobina Town Police Station.

During the attempted mugging, he managed to seize one of the robbers, but the robber instantly began firing from close range. The young man was shot in the chest and leg, killing him instantaneously. He was the youngest of four brothers and lived in Dastagir Society in Federal B Area.

While speaking at Bilal’s funeral, his brother regretted that city inhabitants were not protected from criminals who would kill them for cell phones.

Following the incident, the District East senior superintendent of police led an investigation team formed by the Karachi police chief (SSP). With the use of CCTV footage and other evidence, the police unit stormed a neighbourhood in Afghan Basti on Friday early and apprehended a suspect, Nizamuddin, who was injured, while his accomplice managed to leave.

Later, at a news conference, Javed Alam Odho pledged that the other suspect will be apprehended as soon as possible. He stated that Nizamuddin’s house was Jamali Goth and that he was an adolescent. He went on to say that the suspect was an Afghan who had been living illegally in Karachi.

According to the Karachi police chief, the suspect was earlier captured by SITE Superhighway police in October with injuries, but he was released on bail within ten days and continued his unlawful operations.

Nizamuddin was apprehended 11 hours after the murder, according to a District East police official. He also stated that the suspect, who admitted to prior criminal activity, had the weapon used in the crime seized from him.

Increase In Sexual Assaults

During his news conference, Karachi Police Chief remarked about the rising number of child sexual assault cases. He added that these incidents had escalated in the past two months, and that children had also been killed after being raped in some of them.

Odho reports that 22 cases of child sexual assault were reported in November and December, with four of the incidents resulting in child rape and homicide. He claimed that investigations into the remaining three cases were still underway, and that the Karachi police had detained 21 people in connection with 19 of the reported incidents.

In the current year, 251 cases of child sexual assault were reported, ten of which resulted in fatalities. 233 suspects were apprehended in connection with 225 of these incidents.

According to the Karachi police chief, it is the police’s job to apprehend and prosecute offenders involved in such crimes. He did, however, emphasise that parents should be cautious in this area as well, as many of these crimes included a close friend that children were not afraid of.

The officer believes that children should be taught which portions of their bodies should only be handled by their parents. He went on to add that parents should begin preparing their children for societal risks at an early age.

2022 stats

According to Odho, the situation in Karachi in terms of robberies and street crime remained “stable” in 2022, with a 7% increase overall.

According to him, there has been a 15% decrease in home invasion robberies. He stated that 518 people had been killed or severely injured as a result of street crime in 2022, compared to 522 in 2021.

During anti-crime operations, 825 police engagements resulted in the deaths of 118 dacoits and 937 injuries, according to him. In total, the police captured 229 persons, including 82 extortionists and 44 kidnappers. A total of 175 kilogrammes of heroin, ice, and other narcotics were seized, as well as 9,000 kilogrammes of hashish, as well as 2,043 Gutka vendors and 7,036 drug traffickers.

When the country’s economic problems, unemployment, and other variables were considered, he claimed that the crime situation in Karachi was not as bad as it was commonly depicted.

At the end of the press conference, Karachi police chief asked the public not to approach robbers.

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