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Popular Snack “Cocomo” Reduce To 3 Per Rs.5 Pack And Nobody Is Taking Notice

“Cocomo,” a popular food. Nobody is paying attention to the Rs. 5 pack price cut.

Cocomo holds a special place in our hearts; we used to get 6 cocomos in a package for 5 rupees, but today there are only 3 cocomos in a packet.

It’s a matter of national importance! The amount of biscuits in a Cocomo 5 Rupee pack has been reduced from four to three, and internet users are upset. Justice must be served, and Miftah Ismail of the PML-N is being held accountable.

 Cocomo used to be the ultimate snack in our childhood. Although the amount has fallen little in recent years, we still like it. Each packet now contains only three biscuits, down from 6-7 in a five-rupee bundle. Who is to blame for the violence, and why is it so unreasonable?

Is Miftah Ismail, the owner of Ismail Industries, the parent company of Candyland and Bisconni, at the centre of this dispute?

The Cocomo Dispute

Reema Omer, a lawyer, first expressed her disappointment when she discovered only three cookies in her Cocomo container.

She had no notion she wasn’t the only one who had been duped by this scheme. Twitter was taken over by those who were disappointed at the amount cut. People are urging Miftah Ismail to stick to his words and listen to the public on social media.

During a previous interview with The Current, the former finance minister revealed that each packet contains four cookies. He asserted that they are unable to increase the number of Cocomos in a packet to at least five due to inflation.

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