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Prime Minister Shehbaz Will Leave For Pakistan Today

  • PM Shehbaz will leave London for Pakistan at 6 p.m. today.
  • His family asked him to reschedule his trip to Pakistan.
  • He met with Nawaz Sharif several times to address national issues.

Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif will go for Pakistan this evening, according to Geo News on Sunday. He will fly to Pakistan around six o’clock in the evening.

Shehbaz spent two days in Egypt attending the COP27 meeting before flying to London. He had meant to travel to Pakistan on Friday. According to his relatives, he elected to postpone the travel back home owing to physical exhaustion.

According to accounts, his family advised him not to go because he had a fever before leaving for the airport on Saturday. According to family members, he later extended his stay a second time.

PM Shehbaz met with the PMLN’s leader as well as his older brother, Nawaz Sharif, several times during his tour to London. The main subjects of debate during the sessions were the appointment of a new army commander and the nation’s politics.

On Friday, a British judge denied PM Shehbaz’s request for a prolonged postponement of the Daily Mail defamation case.

According to British media, the case was handled by Justice Matthew Nicklin. The court denied him extra time. Because the prime minister is now preoccupied with official tasks, the PM’s attorneys requested that the court grant him time to compose his response.

According to media reports, Justice Nicklin remarked that the prime minister and the common man are equal in his court.

If PM Shehbaz and his son-in-law Ali Imran elected not to respond the Daily Mail’s attorneys in court, they would be compelled to cover the whole cost of the legal proceedings.

The prime minister lodged a legal notice on the British tabloid and David Rose in 2019 for accusing him of embezzling state funds.

The article is grossly defamatory of Prime Minister Shehbaz, including false charges that he misappropriated monies from the Department for International Development (DFID) intended for Pakistan earthquake victims in 2005. According to the legal notice, PM Shehbaz contests these assertions.

After a hearing in a London court, Justice Nicklin ordered PM Shehbaz’s legal team to pay a £30,000 deposit by November 23 after they unilaterally asked the court to withdraw their request for a stay of proceedings.

Although the request for a stay at the London High Court was submitted much earlier, PM Shehbaz’s lawyers at Carter Ruck made this move after he was exonerated in the money-laundering case by a Pakistani court.

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