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Punjab Minister Announces The Launch Of Smart Farms To Help Farmers In Adopting Modern Agriculture

Syed Hussain Jahanian Gardezi, Minister for Agriculture Punjab, stated during the official opening of the Smart IoT Farm established at University Research Farm (URF), Koon of Pir Mehr Ali Shah Arid Agriculture University Rawalpindi (PMAS-AAUR),

here, the farm will assist farmers in obtaining modern agricultural technology to increase agricultural production. Farmers must develop digital and precision agriculture at the national level in order to be aware of their crops’ demands in real time.

Additionally present were PCSIR Chairman Dr. Syed Hussain Abidi, Vice Chancellor of the Arid University Prof. Dr. Qamaruz Zaman, and Vice Chancellor of the University of Agriculture Faisalabad Prof. Dr. Iqrar Ahmad Khan. Punjab’s agricultural minister stated:

There are significant losses, and the establishment of this farm will effectively offer farmers with contemporary agricultural methods.

To encourage digital agriculture and precision agriculture in Pakistan, the agriculture minister directed university vice chancellors to make it simpler for farmers to access farms like these.

The provincial minister went on to say that by using contemporary agricultural technology and digital agriculture, Pakistan can attain both self-sufficiency in agricultural output and the goal of exporting agricultural commodities.

He thanked and complemented Prof. Dr. Qamar-uz-Zaman, vice chancellor of PMAS-AAUR, and his team for their efforts in creating this farm, emphasizing the need of continually updating its data. He also praised the Vice-Chancellor for being the first to use modern digital and precision agriculture in PMAS-AAUR.

The provincial minister also addressed the precision agricultural funds. Following that, the provincial minister formally launched the Smart IoT Farm and addressed the use of precision farming techniques such as smart spray, drone technology, GNSS land leveling system, auto-steering technology, automated watering system, and others.

Prof. Dr. Qamar-uz-Zaman remarked that in order to enhance present agricultural technologies, industry-academic ties must be fostered as soon as possible.

To do this, agriculture specialists must make every effort to solve the difficulties that farmers confront. Precision agriculture can help alleviate poverty and provide food security in addition to boosting per-acre output.

He stated that precision agriculture can play a critical role in building a smart agriculture system to solve all of the difficulties that farmers face in order to increase agricultural output.

The vice chancellor also thanked Dr. Naveed Tahir and Prof. Dr. Jahanzeb Masud Cheema for their efforts in constructing the Smart IoT Farm and expressed hope that this farm will enhance the standard of living for small farmers.

Prof. Dr. Iqrar Ahmad Khan emphasized the importance of employing a more sophisticated approach to agriculture, stating that it is critical to promote current technologies for precision farming and greater yield.

Drs. Syed Hussain Abidi and Abid Sulehri congratulated the PMAS-AAUR faculty and vice chancellor on the Smart IoT Farm, which would make agriculture production and business more successful, efficient, safe, and ecologically friendly.

Prior to the government’s move, a private firm called SAWiE Ecosystems was functioning in Pakistan and producing IoT and smart agriculture equipment. The organization’s motto is as follows:

Aur Sunao - Punjab Minister Announces The Launch Of Smart Farms To Help Farmers In Adopting Modern Agriculture

We wish to aid rural Pakistan by encouraging innovation and increasing agricultural productivity. We provide effective solutions for food, agriculture, and natural resource concerns by utilizing the most recent and efficient management approaches and technologies.

Sawie provides irrigation scheduling advice to save water wastage and the cost of unnecessary irrigations. It will issue warnings if there is a risk of flooding or drought.

Based on meteorological data from the preceding 30 years and projections for the following 20 days for a given site based on solar radiation, soil moisture, and soil structure, Sawie machine learning algorithms can forecast the best times for sowing.

Sawie also provides guidance on the best-suited crops, varieties, and fertilizers based on the needs of a certain farm in a specific location and agro climatic region.

Sawie offers honest and objective agricultural advice based on scientific facts, time-tested methodologies, and data-driven tactics. Our products and services can assist smallholder farmers in developing countries in dealing with the consequences of climate change.

Our ingenious solutions enable large farms that use precision agriculture to access crop mapping and variable input applications. Sawie’s goal is to provide farmers with real-time, accurate, trustworthy, and relevant information. Sawie items are an excellent choice for tackling the food system problem caused by climate change.

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