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Rana Sanaullah, Imran Khan Committing Treason Against Pakistan

  • According to the minister, Khan wishes to be adopted by institutions.
  • Sanaullah urges institutions to fight the PTI leader’s wretched agenda.
  • Swati, the Interior Minister, should have demanded an investigation into the video.

ISLAMABAD: The interior minister, Rana Sanaullah, alleged on Sunday that PTI leader Imran Khan is committing treason against the state.

During the Geo News show Naya Pakistan, the minister claimed, Imran Khan only has one demand: he wants to be adopted by the institutions to make him sit in the prime minister’s chair.

Khan plans to stir up controversy with his choice as army chief, according to Sanaullah.

He went on, Institutions, government, Parliament, and the judiciary should all oppose his heinous goal. He will never prevail in his anti-nation and anti-country program.

The minister added that Khan should not speak something if it is false, but he does so because it strengthens his political goal.

According to Sanaullah, the former PM doesn’t even care about his self-respect.

In Relation To The FIR Filing Delay

The minister warned the PTI head that if the FIR in the attempted assassination on him named a key military official, he would involve the institution.

According to Sanaullah, Khan was resolved to file a FIR against the institution’s officials.

What will be said in our neighboring country if a false FIR is lodged against a high-ranking officer?

In response to a question about the delay in filing the FIR, the interior minister stated that there would be obstacles if you sought to file a case against the “state.”

If a fraudster wants to record a case for his [own] objectives, the police have the right to reject, he stated. The PTI leader, according to the interior minister, is putting pressure on institutions to carry out his diabolical agenda.

Swati’s Press Conference Was Based On A Hoax

You can tell the video is fake in three seconds, the interior minister said in response to allegations that PTI Senator Azam Khan Swati filmed an insulting video. He [Swati] should have requested that the video’s producer and sender be investigated and punished, the interior minister continued.

The minister claims that the PTI leader acknowledged the video and stated the location merely to level charges. Sanaullah contended that the video’s legitimacy should have been checked ahead of time.

The minister questioned why there was a need to confirm when they had gotten the tape, adding that the news conference was a ruse.

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