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Rana Sanaullah Will Be Released Today After Getting Pacemaker

  • Rana Sanaullah suffered from heart palpitations.
  • According to doctors, Sanaullah’s pacemaker has improved his cardiac condition.
  • They add that he will continue to live a normal life and work as usual.

ISLAMABAD: As a result of his irregular heartbeat, Interior Minister Rana Sanaullah underwent a pacemaker treatment at the Armed Forces Institute of Cardiology (AFIC), Rawalpindi, according to The News.

Sanaullah is set to leave the hospital later today after being admitted last week with complaints of chest pain and an irregular heartbeat (Monday).

According to doctors, the minister’s pacemaker is accurate, and the medical device’s placement has greatly enhanced his heart function. They also stated that the minister will go about his business as usual.

The 67-year-old PML-N chairman had cardiac surgery 19 years ago in a Lahore hospital.

On November 12, Sanaullah said that he is on the mend after undergoing medical procedures.

In an audio message, the minister stated, “To all those well-wishers who are concerned about my health after seeing my photo at the hospital, I am completely OK.”

I had heart surgery in 2004, around 20 years ago. For folks like myself, a general examination and a few minor procedures are required every two to three years.

Sanaullah has been elected to represent Faisalabad in the Punjab Assembly five times. He served in key ministries throughout the PML-many N regimes.

When the PTI administration was in power, the interior minister, who is also the party’s president for Punjab, was a staunch member of the opposition in the National Assembly.

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