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Russian Superyacht Action Has “No Legal Basis”, According To Hong Kong’s Leader

  • According to Hong Kong’s leader, there is “no legal basis” to impose Western sanctions.
  • Stated that Hong Kong would only abide with UN sanctions
  • The US State Department criticises Hong Kong officials.

John Lee, the leader of Hong Kong, responded that the city had “no legal basis” to act in response to Western sanctions when questioned about a Russian boat berthed in the financial district that belongs to a Russian businessman who has been subject to American sanctions.

The US State Department chastised Hong Kong’s administration last week for allowing a luxury boat owned by sanctioned Russian businessman Alexey Mordashov to dock there.

The US State Department warned that those who use Hong Kong to avoid sanctions imposed by other countries may jeopardise their reputations and cast doubt on the “transparency” of the financial hub’s business environment.

However, Hong Kong’s leader, John Lee, who has also been censured by the US for his role in curbing local liberties, said that his government will not take any unilateral measures against Mordashov.

“We cannot do anything without a legal foundation, Lee told reporters.

Instead, Lee declared that Hong Kong would strictly adhere to United Nations sanctions.

We will abide by UN sanctions because that is how our legal system works.

Following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, the European Union and the United States slapped sanctions on a number of Russian billionaires, including billionaire Mordashov, because of their ties to President Vladimir Putin.

Despite the fact that a number of Russian superyachts have been impounded or denied entry in Europe and other jurisdictions, the 465 foot (141 metre) Nord was spotted prominently parked in waters west of Hong Kong’s famed Victoria Harbour.

Lee also chastised the United States for sanctioning Hong Kong officials for their part in curtailing Hong Kong’s freedoms under a China-mandated security measure. In November, Lee will attend an international investment meeting with top global corporate executives.

Because it is incredibly brutal behaviour, I will not say anything. Hong Kong officials operate ethically to protect the territory’s national and local interests.

We’ll simply laugh off the claimed sanctions.

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