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Samsung And HP To Launch Foldable OLED Laptops In 2023, Report

Samsung Electronics will launch a foldable OLED laptop with a 17.3″ Samsung Panel AMOLED display next year, according to The Elec.

Furthermore, HP is preparing to introduce its first foldable OLED, which will include a 17-inch LG Display display.

Although appealing, foldable OLED computers are now prohibitively pricey, reducing demand. For example, the $3,500 Asus ZenBook 17 Fold OLED with a 17.3-inch BOE display is an expensive laptop.

According to sources, HP, too, did not expect many sales of their first-generation foldable laptops and bought a similar number of panels.

Asus apparently ordered only 10,000 displays from BOE since it realised it couldn’t ship many units at this price.

Despite Samsung’s goal of shipping 8.5 million laptop OLED panels in 2023, up from 6 million in 2022, sales of foldable OLED laptops are expected to remain extremely low.

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