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Schools May Have To Ban ChatGPT To Alive “Homework”

Anyone who has used ChatGPT understands how effective and efficient it is at addressing problems ranging from the most basic to the most complex. ChatGPT can generate multiple paragraph messages that are accurate, thorough, and exceedingly precise, and they may be tailored to the user’s demands.

The abrupt appearance of ChatGPT startled educational establishments all around the world. The unsolved question is how this new technology will affect teachers’ working techniques and students’ knowledge acquisition.

Concerns about their use in schools arose quickly, as they do whenever new knowledge-related technology emerge. These concerns were expressed by a wide range of people, from those who praised their potential to those who feared for their survival.

On the one hand, optimists praise the tool for assisting with instruction. Some, on the other hand, see a major flaw in the assumption that students may simply fulfil their projects by relaying their teachers’ queries. Finally, uninterested individuals wonder whether search engines (such as AltaVista, Yahoo, and Google, among others) have changed academic assignments.

But there’s more—a lot more. These are the issues that arise when new technology is introduced into the classroom. Radio was first, then television, then the internet, and now artificial intelligence.

Will school assignments still make sense? Will educators be called upon to work as authenticity inspectors, determining if a task was accomplished by a human or an artificial intelligence? Should they come up with a new meaning of instructions? These are real worries that have been added to the long list of questions that technology improvements have raised concerning education.

However, as is common, these challenges should be considered in the context of a broader analysis of the past, present, and future relationship between technologies and education.

Instead of seeing ChatGPT as a break, examine the notion that education is a technology that, like many others, is supported by other technologies. In that case, it could signify a new turning point in a long series of modifications (although there are still those who believe that because there are buildings and classrooms, the school remains the same as it has been for centuries).

ChatGPT’s visible face, its capacity to respond to queries, raises certain worries about the legitimacy of courses and/or homework assignments. One of the most common concerns in today’s society is that students will use ChatGPT to complete their homework and then copy and paste the solutions without the teacher’s knowledge.

This, however, is based on a variety of fallacies, such as the notion that instruction consists exclusively of teachers reinforcing content and students picking it up. If this were true, ChatGPT would be the best educator as well as the best student.

Contrary to popular belief, neither ChatGPT nor artificial intelligence in general will solve the sector’s challenges on its own. They are neither a threat nor a solution, just as they are neither a threat nor a solution. They are educational resources that could be used. And, like any other, they have their own set of rules.

Cathelin, a high school French teacher, decided to introduce ChatGPT into her curriculum in January. ChatGPT provides a first draught of an assignment, and students are then required to revise it in small groups using their own knowledge.

She goes on to say that ChatGPT allows children whose first language is not French or who have difficulties to study in a unique way.

It can, for example, generate a text with different language levels. It also has the advantage of constructing recurring syntactic structures. With fact, this is one of the distinguishing features of ChatGPT that can aid in text recognition.

She argues that discussing a “educational covenant” on how to use these technologies with her students allows her to do so in a positive and supportive environment.

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