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Scientists Discover Large Number Of Plastic Particles In Rain Water

Rainfall is hazardous to human health, research discover, since it includes around 81 tonnes of microplastics.

According to studies, there are around 81 tonnes of microplastics in rain, which contaminate drinking water.

A recent investigation done in New Zealand indicated that the rains that took place in 2020 were a considerable contributor to the pollution of drinking water. 81 tonnes of microplastics were discharged as a result of the rainfall.

According to scientific studies, the water is unsafe for human consumption due to high amounts of PFAS, a cancer-causing toxin.

The United States Department of the Interior conducted a study in 2019 that reported the presence of microplastics in rain, and recent research from 2022 has confirmed it. When scientists anticipated to find dirt and mineral particles, they were pleasantly surprised to find threads, pearls, and microplant pieces.

The precise effects of microplastics on humans are now being investigated. It should be noted, however, that there is evidence to support the idea that microplants can be discovered in human blood and lungs.

They are growing increasingly common since there are already more than 24 trillion particles of microplastic in the water.

Most of the people who get hurt are those who drink this dirty rainwater to quench their thirst. Environmental Science and Technology says that the levels of PFAAs in atmospheric deposition are hard to change because PFAAs are very stable and can keep cycling in the hydrosphere, especially on sea spray aerosols that come out of the ocean.

I think the most important thing we can tell the American people is that there is more plastic than it seems at first. There is snow and rain falling outside. A co-author of the 2019 study on microplastics, Gregory Weatherbee, said that it is now a part of our environment.

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