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Sindh And New York Will Be Sister States Soon

Recently, Sindh Governor Kamran Tessori and New York State Assembly Deputy Speaker Phil Ramos met to explore a groundbreaking initiative that would formally recognize Sindh and New York as “Sister States.”

This plan would stimulate collaboration between their respective research institutions, hospitals, and universities by laying a firm foundation for cooperation and partnership between the two governments.

During a meeting to discuss the proposal, both parties shared their perspectives on its development. A delegation from the New York State Assembly will soon travel to Sindh province to investigate the potential of formalizing the sister-state relationship, according to the plan.

After the delegation departs, both legislatures will consider a resolution designating Sindh and New York as official sister states.

The establishment of this sister-state connection is expected to promote collaboration and facilitate exchanges such as student delegations and scholarships for outstanding students. Given that Karachi and New York are both coastal cities with significant commercial hubs, this agreement will benefit both regions significantly.

The proposed link between Sindh and New York is an important move that might herald in a new era of collaboration between the two countries. Both parties stand to reap significant economic and cultural benefits from this collaboration, which has many benefits that extend beyond the educational realm.

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