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Sindh Governor Announce Free IT Training For 50,000 Youth In Governor House To Turn Karachi Into An IT Hub

Sindh Governor Kamran Khan Tessori has revealed an ambitious initiative to provide free IT training sessions to the region’s youth, with the goal of educating 50,000 individuals in various IT-related areas. By offering these courses in Karachi’s historic Governor House, which is normally reserved for prominent visitors, young people would be able to establish their careers in the IT industry without a formal degree.

Governor Tessori expressed his goal to transform Karachi into a thriving IT hub that reflects the city’s status as Pakistan’s economic powerhouse. He emphasized his desire to educate young people about cutting-edge technologies such as the metaverse, cloud computing, artificial intelligence, and web 3.

In order to ensure the program’s success, the Governor recognized the knowledge and support of IT specialists Sir Zia and Daniyal Nagori, who were present at a recent conversation held at the Governor’s House.

Sir Zia spoke at the event. He praised Governor Tessori’s mission and said he would fully back the effort. The Sindh Government’s work with IT experts shows that it is determined to fill the skills gap in the IT business and give young people opportunities.

An aptitude test will be performed at the Governor House to select competent candidates for the IT courses offered as part of the Sindh Government initiative, which is set to begin after Ramadan.

Governor Tessori stated that graduates who successfully complete the program can expect to earn between Rs. 300,000 and Rs. 500,000 per month. The Governor House, with its enormous unoccupied rooms, is an ideal setting for teaching young people interested in IT.

The Sindh Government has asked many nonprofits and non-governmental organizations with experience in IT education to help with training to make sure it is of good quality. These groups will work together to teach classes in web design, graphic design, blogging, and making digital material.

The training project aims to assist thousands of financially disadvantaged students who may not be able to attend private universities by providing access to amenities like as libraries, cafeterias, business incubators, and cutting-edge IT laboratories.

Furthermore, the Sindh government signed two Memorandums of Understanding (MoUs) with Google in order to work with global firms in their efforts to train young people. As a result of these collaborations, teachers and students in government-run schools will receive computer and internet literacy training.

Google’s CS initial and Be Internet Awesome programs will engage 250 students and 100 teachers from five schools in the initial phase. If this phase is successful, the project will be expanded to additional provincially administered government schools, ensuring that all students have access to computer education.

The Sindh Technical Education and Vocational Training Authority (STEVTA) contributes significantly to the government’s efforts to eliminate unemployment by educating young people with modern technical skills that are in accordance with industry demands.

Chairman Saleem Raza Jalbani underlined the importance of lowering unemployment rates by providing technical training that meets international standards. STEVTA has purchased land in Hyderabad to construct a 500-student training institute and is actively working to improve the curriculum.

Governor Tessori’s decision to provide free IT training courses in the Governor’s House is an important first step in empowering Sindh’s youth and establishing Karachi as Pakistan’s IT powerhouse.

In addition to the IT training programs, Governor Tessori announced plans to give 1,000 eligible students with scholarships for higher education. By sponsoring these young minds’ academic endeavors, the government hopes to nurture future leaders and specialists who will contribute to the IT industry and the overall progress of Sindh.

These scholarships will broaden the talent pool in the IT industry and stimulate creativity and innovation by providing eligible students with the opportunity to pursue higher degrees and develop specialized knowledge.

The collaboration with IT Professionals, philanthropic organizations, non-governmental organizations, and international corporations illustrates a comprehensive strategy to closing the skills gap and allowing young people to thrive in the rapidly increasing field of technology. By delivering in-demand skills, the strategy pledges to boost people’s economic opportunities while simultaneously furthering the province’s overall growth and development.

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