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Snapchat Introduced Its Own Chatbot Powered By ChatGPT

Snapchat, the popular social media platform, launched its own chatbot, “My AI,” on Monday. Snapchat is utilising the most recent iteration of OpenAI’s rapidly increasing producing text engine, ChatGPT, for its Chatbot.

Only Snapchat+ subscribers, who pay $3.99 a month for “exclusive, experimental, and pre-release features,” have access to My AI. Snapchat’s new “pseudo-companion” is described as a “fun and experimental buddy.”

“Talk about your day or write a haiku about your bestie,” Snapchat claimed in a My AI presentation.

Snapchat noted in a news release announcing the new feature that My AI may also suggest birthday gifts for friends, assist users in organising weekend excursions, and provide supper cuisine suggestions. According to the business, that chatbot can also be named.

Snapchat has stated that it will save all conversations in order to analyse the performance of the experimental chatbot. Using the evaluation and user input, the company expects to make more changes to improve the operation of the chatbot. Snap has also urged users not to offer the AI chatbot any sensitive or personal information.

My AI is now just a ChatGPT that works on mobile phones inside of Snapchat. The main difference is that Snap’s app can only answer a smaller number of questions. Snap employees have told it to follow the company’s policies on trust and safety and not respond with swear words, violent or sexual content, or opinions on sensitive topics like politics.

However, ChatGPT has been stripped of elements that have resulted in prohibitions at some educational institutions; for example, it respectfully denied when asked to generate academic articles on a range of subjects. Snap promises to continue fine-tuning My AI as more users use it and report incorrect responses.

Snap is located elsewhere. Despite having a big and impressionably young user base, the company is struggling. My AI will most likely improve the company’s paid membership numbers in the immediate future, and it may create new revenue streams in the long term, but Spiegel is tight-lipped about his plans.

Snap is one of the early adopters of Foundry, OpenAI’s new corporate solution that let organisations to run their most recent GPT-3.5 model on specialised computer hardware optimised for large workloads. According to Spiegel, Snap will likely add LLMs from other providers besides OpenAI in the future, and it will use the information gathered by the chatbot to steer its larger AI efforts.

My AI may be modest at first, but Spiegel sees it as the start of a large investment area for Snap and, more importantly, a future in which we will all be chatting with AI as if it were a person.

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