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Student Get 94% On Exams Using ChatGPT Without Even Taking Classes

OpenAI’s popular chatbot ChatGPT has sparked a lot of debate since its launch in November of last year. This student used the chatbot to complete 12 weeks of study in just a few hours, fueling the debate and getting a 94 on his final.

A user named 151N was dealing with personal issues when they ran into a problem: how to complete three days’ worth of knowledge from a 12-week lecture? When the student realised the exam would be multiple-choice and based on course material, he turned to ChatGPT for assistance.

The student discovered the course transcripts on Echo360, but due to their length, ChatGPT couldn’t manage them. Unfazed, the student utilised a text summarizer to condense the content before delegating reading the edited transcripts and underlining the main points from each lesson to ChatGPT.

The day before the test, the student reviewed the study materials provided by ChatGPT. As luck would have it, almost all of the content they had studied was covered in the exam the next day, earning them a perfect score of 94.

The story was recently shared on the popular social media site Reddit by a member with the ID u/151N. The user expressed concern in the post about impending semester exams because they had spent too much time in their room rather than going to class.

The innovative method they devised was to use ChatGPT as a tutor to understand the important exam subjects and focus their attention on those specific topics.

The student began by acquiring a transcript of each lecture they had attended, copying it into ChatGPT, and requested that the chatbot evaluate the lectures and use its algorithms to identify which content would be most relevant for the next exam.

However, the user encountered a minor issue because ChatGPT was unable to analyse the transcript due to its length. To get around this, the student utilised an online paraphrase tool to quickly describe the material before resubmitting it to ChatGPT with the same request, and the chatbot did not disappoint.

On the first day of exam preparation, the student was able to distil the essential themes from all of the lectures and dialogues held over the semester in around 4-5 hours.

On the second day of preparation, the student instructed ChatGPT to use only the course textbook and the transcript that the chatbot had previously summarised in order to find all of the points identified as critical in each lecture. That day, the user dedicated four to five hours to validating the accuracy of the data provided by ChatGPT.

This inspiring narrative demonstrates the significance of AI in education and how, despite seemingly insurmountable obstacles, innovative thinking and dedication can yield astonishing results.

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