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Students From Madrassa Won The National Robotics Contest

Madrassa students topped opponents from dozens of colleges and universities at the 19th National Engineering Robotics Contest (NERC) held by the National University of Sciences and Technology.

The event, which is a partnership between NUST and the STEM Careers Program of the Higher Education Commission (HEC) Pakistan, is meant to help robotics study in Pakistan.

Between July 11 and 15, participants from Pakistan’s schools, colleges, and universities fought for top honors in the automation and robotics categories in the much-anticipated event. One of the contenders, Madrassa Jamia Baitussalam, stood out and excelled, earning recognition and admiration.

Baitussalam Welfare Trust, the group behind Jamia Baitussalam, expressed gratitude in a tweet, thanking God for their team’s amazing accomplishment in the National Robotics Contest.

The institute had already won various competitions, but NERC was the ultimate goal. The youngsters worked tirelessly and with full focus on this crucial event. Jamia Baitussalam won first and second place in the Ready to Race category, as well as first position in the Modular School category.

The 19th NERC was conducted by the Department of Mechatronics Engineering and the Society of Mechatronics Engineers, with the theme of agriculture and the goal of increasing robot integration in the industry.

Jamia Baitussalam’s great success in NERC demonstrates their students’ exceptional talent and commitment. Their performance not only rewards their institution, but it also demonstrates the great potential of madrassa education in a multitude of fields, including robotics and automation.

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