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T20 World Cup: Iftikhar Ahmed Says Babar Azam’s Motivating Talk Boosted Confidence

  • Iftikhar believes the team is in excellent spirits ahead of the encounter against Zimbabwe.
  • He claims that no matter how many balls are in his court, he always attempts to contribute.
  • The all-around performer confesses that losing a game is upsetting.

Iftikhar Ahmed, a Pakistan all-rounder, remarked on Wednesday that the team’s spirits are high heading into their second T20 World Cup game, thanks to skipper Babar Azam and the coaching staff’s post-game motivational speech following the team’s loss to India.

Pakistan’s next encounter is against Zimbabwe on Thursday in Perth, and Iftikhar has advised the team not to get too complacent.

They are also an international team, and we will treat them the same as any other international team, giving them everything we have.

Despite Iftikhar’s fifty against India on Sunday, Pakistan was defeated on the final ball. When discussing the match against India, the all-rounder stated that losing a match is always painful.

According to Babar Azam, the manner he addressed the team after the win “lifted everyone’s confidence, and we are looking forward to the next game.” You’re visibly hurt when you lose a match.

When asked about his game, the all-rounder said that no matter how many balls he faces, he always strives to do his job and help the team succeed.

Everyone in the middle order is motivated and anxious to score runs for the club, he said, adding that whether it’s one ball or ten, we all play for the team and want to win games.

Iftikhar mentioned that he is working hard to improve his sweep and reverse sweep shots because he believes they will be effective in Australian conditions.

When asked about his critics, Iftikhar stated that he respects them. There is nothing I can say to them to send a message.

He claimed that each player bats differently and that he cannot teach others how to bat.

When asked what advise he would give his colleagues, he said, “Everyone has their own style, their own shoots, you can’t tell them what they have to adapt.”

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