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TECNO Invented The First Automatically Tracking Eagle Eye Lens

TECNO has revealed one of the year’s most cutting-edge smartphone improvements. Because optical magnification doubles handshake, most telephoto cameras have Optical Image Stabilization (OIS). This works well for monitoring stationary objects, but you must still actively follow moving objects. Eagle Eye Lens is a treatment created by TECNO. TECNO has decided to properly explain how the OIS problem is resolved to its users.

a method that employs two prisms rather than one (the first of its kind). Each prism has a single axis around which it may rotate; one can rotate +/-8°, the other +/-10°. According to Tecno, when the two prisms are used together, the camera can automatically follow an object up to +/-16° on one axis and +/-20° on the other.

Internal rotatable twin prisms in the lens enable an ultra-stabilization angle as wide as 6 degrees on both the positive and negative axes, allowing for full AI tracking and shooting.

The two prisms have a combined uniaxial tilt range of +/-16° on the short side and +/-20° on the long side, allowing them to track moving objects in the image intelligently. The two prisms have a uniaxial tilt of +/- 8° or +/- 10°. As a result, moving objects will always occupy the center of the telephoto lens’s field of view. Jimmy Hsu, Deputy Director of the TECNO Image R&D Center, stated:

“The Eagle Eye Lens can alleviate the long-standing issue of telephoto lenses’ limited field of view for capturing sporting events like F1 racing.” Instead, new technology can correctly detect, identify, and capture the racing cars’ quick movement, providing remote shooters with the best experience imaginable.

The cutting-edge capabilities contained in the innovative Eagle Eye Lens are redefining technology. It should be mentioned that the majority of smartphones, whether running Android or iOS, use digital cutting technology to center the subject in the frame.

Aur Sunao - TECNO Invented The First Automatically Tracking Eagle Eye Lens
Aur Sunao TECNO Invented The First Automatically Tracking Eagle Eye Lens

TECNO’s Eagle Eye Lens technology, on the other hand, is the first to achieve complete physical tracking and shooting experience, providing consumers with immaculate photos free of faults or digital chopping.

The cutting-edge image technology of the Eagle Eye Lens increases customers’ delight of shooting exciting videos with moving subjects, resulting in better video stabilization shooting experiences.

TECNO has made the decision to constantly focus on developing cutting-edge image capabilities and making major advances in portrait, zoom, picture stability, and other photography dimensions. This is accomplished by adhering to the company’s glocalization strategy as well as the important global trends in the growth of mobile imaging technology. More fundamentally distinct technologies are expected to be introduced in the not-too-distant future.

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