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US Consul General Encourages US Businesses To Invest In Pakistan’s Textile Industry

In addition to addressing commercial ties between the two countries, the American Consul General asked the American government to reduce cotton tariffs in order to encourage greater trade.

The American Consul General in Lahore, William K. Makaneole, advised on September 19th that American businesspeople explore and enter the Pakistani textile sector since it offers numerous opportunities for high-return investments.

The Consul General stated, “During my visit to Pakistan, I saw that there are several opportunities for American investors to invest here.

Consul General Makaneole made the announcement at a dinner hosted by famous businessman Khawaja Jalauddin Roomi. The event was held in honor of Makaneole, and numerous topics concerning trade between Pakistan and the United States were discussed.

During our conversation, the consul general highlighted the excellent and long-standing relations between our two countries, as well as how America has constantly helped Pakistan in difficult times.

The present floods provide ample proof that America has assisted Pakistan in dealing with this crisis. When Pakistan is in trouble, America is the first to come to its rescue. The consul general noted the countries’ links before noting that more investment will benefit both countries.

Speaking about multiple US initiatives in Pakistan, the consul general stated that the US wants to improve industries such as education, energy, and health; as a consequence, the country has worked on several projects with positive outcomes.

The consul general emphasized Pakistan and America’s friendship, stating that the two countries have always supported one another in tough times and that their relationship has always been established on honesty. As with every relationship, there have been ups and downs, but love has always won.

To a small number of people present at the occasion, the US consul stated that the US government and business sector are excited about investing in Pakistan. Trade between the two countries has increased by 36% this year.

American companies are eager to invest in a variety of industries, including technology. There are various opportunities to increase commerce and investment between Pakistan and the United States, according to businessman Khawaja Jalauddin Roomi.

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