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There Would Be No Implementation Of Martial Law, Khawaja Asif

  • According to Khawaja Asif, martial law will not be implemented.
  • Imran Khan is thought to be looking for a fight.
  • accusations that the PTI’s long march is now a short march

The federal defense minister, Khawaja Asif, stated that he is convinced that martial law will not be imposed, ruling it out.

The Pakistan Army has restored to its constitutional function because the institution has learned its lesson from the past and strives to maintain its grace and prestige, the minister said on Tuesday during an interview with Geo News’ current affairs program Aaj Shahzeb Khanzada Kay Sath.

Imran’s real issue is with the army commander. Imran raised the issue in October of last year because he wanted elections comparable to those held in 2018, and he wanted to stay in power for five or ten years, he claimed.

Imran Khan claimed in a movie-like conversation that he does not fear martial law.

Martial law, he claims, is partly to blame for the distortions and confusion in Pakistan’s political system, as politicians seek backing from the Pakistan Army.

Imran Khan is an opportunist, according to the defense minister, and relying on him would be a mistake given how frequently Imran disparages those who support him. Even his family, he claims, does not rely on him.

While the coalition government does not seek war, the leader of the PML-N does. He claimed to have spoken with the establishment the day before yesterday. However, his interaction was only an accidental meeting at a wedding, he explained.

When asked about the long protest march, he said the government will handle it once they were in Islamabad. He said that the long march had been shortened into a short march.

PTI Reported That Preparations Met Their Objectives

The PTI claims to have met its goals for preparations across Pakistan. According to the party’s secretary-general, Asad Umar, the preparation goals have been met throughout Pakistan.

In a news conference in Faisalabad, the former federal minister alleged that the government is extremely afraid and has opted not to hold elections for fear of falling short of the PTI.

The administration is frightened to death. Not fearing anyone but its own country, he said, adding that elections should be held if the administration believes in democracy.

During the press conference, he added, They are aware that elections will bring an end to the Pakistan Democratic Movement.

The PTI chairman chastised Interior Minister Rana Sanaullah for conducting press conferences on a regular basis, asking, How many press conferences do they have following the recruiting of police from every province? Rana Sanaullah has a pompous appearance but has been unsuccessful as interior minister.

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