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Tiktok And PUBG Will Be Banned By Afghanistan’s Taliban Administration

The Taliban have already blocked 23.4 million websites and are considering censoring the online shooting game PUBG and the short-form video platform TikTok.

According to Taliban news sources, the Taliban leadership plans to make PUBG and TikTok illegal in Afghanistan within three months. The restriction was declared in reports released by the Taliban’s telecommunications department.

The decision was taken and made public after a meeting with members of the security business and the Sharia Law committee. The implementation of a 90-day ban was mandatory.

All Afghan telecoms firms, who have been directed to execute the new regulation, will shortly prohibit the two programmes.

With over 22 million active mobile phones, Afghanistan has a significant market for practically every application. According to reports, TikTok and PUBG Mobile are both popular in the country, with over 300,000 unique users for each app.

These applications, which were market leaders, were performing quite well in Afghanistan and, if not for the restriction, might have experienced huge growth after things had settled down a bit.

This was not the first time the Taliban leadership intervened to stop a website or app; during its first year in power, the Taliban blocked over 23 million websites and apps. The cause? The websites included content that the Taliban deemed immoral.

The Taliban’s communications minister, Najibullah Haqqan, declared in a statement, “We have blacklisted 23.4 million websites.” They change pages every time. As a result, another website will be active while you are blocking one.

Speaking on behalf of the interim administration, Facebook was chastised for refusing to collaborate with the Taliban administration in developing new Afghan content restrictions.

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