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TikTok Has Launched A BeReal Clone

TikTok announced the launch of TikTok Now, a new time-based dual camera capability, in a blog post today.

TikTok Now users will be reminded on a regular basis to utilise their front and back cameras to film and share real-time updates.

Although other platforms routinely copy TikTok, this is the first time the platform has had to play catch-up.

TikTok Now and BeReal are essentially identical, with a few minor differences.

additional time to talk Users on BeReal have two minutes to shoot and share images, whereas TikTok Now users have up to three minutes.

Upload new photos or videos. TikTok Now members can share photos or 10-second videos, but BeReal users can only swap still images.

Every major social network is fighting to keep up with BeReal’s explosive growth in 2022. TikTok has joined a growing list of sites that are attempting to capitalise on BeReal’s enormous success by aping its primary feature with their most recent update.

TikTok, on the other hand, was able to swiftly roll out its copycat option, but Instagram’s Candid Challenges tool is still in development.

Based on mockups shared by the site, it looks that TikTok is betting big on the new feature. The TikTok Now button replaces the Friends tab in the bottom navigation bar, next to the Post button.

TikTok Now should be available to American users soon, but the site advises that changes may be made as they study how their users utilise the new feature over the following few weeks.

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