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TikTokers Will Soon Be Able To Earn More Money Through Upcoming Updates

According to a recent report from The Information, TikTok is reportedly working on a number of new features to increase usage and attract more TikTokers to the rapidly growing site.

One of these features will be a paywall, which will allow content producers to control the price of their work. Viewers would be required to pay $1 or another sum determined by the artist in order to view the videos, according to the article.

Instagram has used exclusive content for paying supporters to entice producers to the site, with the ability to share subscriber-only posts, Reels, stories, and other content that is inaccessible to other followers.

According to The Information, TikTok is currently testing a new creator fund in France and Brazil, with plans to launch it in the United States next month.

The initial fund, established in 2020, is a $1 billion pool that pays creators for popular videos, but it has been criticised for imposing revenue restrictions. Some content creators claim that they only earn a few dollars for videos with millions of views and pennies for less popular works.

The new fund is intended to pay creators more than the old fund did. According to reports, TikTok executives are considering raising the fund’s eligibility requirements to 100,000 followers and possibly adding bonuses for longer videos.

TikTok spokesman Zachary Kizer stated:

We are committed to researching new approaches in order to create a beneficial and satisfying experience for the TikTok creator community. We want to keep innovating this experience so that people can express themselves, connect with others, and be compensated for their efforts. On TikTok, anyone can be a creator, and anyone can be entertained by our talented artists.

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