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Today Is World AIDS Day 2022

A timely report from UNICEF has reignited worries about the considerable challenges Pakistan continues to confront in understanding HIV and AIDS, removing stigma associated with it, and providing effective treatment for those infected. This comes as the world marks World AIDS Day on December 1.

The above report is quite distressing. According to the research, 310,000 people were afflicted with the illness worldwide in 2021, with 110,000 children and teenagers dying as a result. Although children have historically lagged behind adults in the fight against AIDS, a senior Unicef official warned that the stalemate seen over the last three years is unusual.

Every day that no progress is made in the fight against AIDS, over 300 children and teens die. Because this is a significant subject, we cannot ignore the report’s conclusions because we believe they do not relate to our scenario.

In reality, during the time period covered by the research, Pakistan suffered a huge HIV outbreak in Ratodero, Sindh, where more than 1,000 children caught the fatal infection in 2019 as a result of poor medical care.

Families of those suffering from the condition complained about a lack of financial or public health resources to alleviate their children’s suffering. Within two years, 52 of those children had died.

According to recent local media reports citing Ministry of National Health Services data, there has been a “continuous increase” in HIV-positive patients this year. Experts believe that the disease is now spreading from those who were previously at risk to the general population.

The lesson should be that there is an urgent need for public education on HIV and AIDS prevention. Pakistan needs to have informed conversations about the disease in order to dispel the moral panic that the HIV epidemic is the result of “immoral practices.”

Such perspectives degrade persons who suffer from the long-term and torturous impacts of HIV infection, worsen their psychological suffering, and impede efforts to track down, contain, or eradicate the illness.

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