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Twitter Closes Its Offices Until Next Week

According to reports, Twitter informed its employees via text message that all offices would be closed until the next week. The statement from the corporation encourages employees not to disclose any private Twitter information online, but it does not give a reason for the closure.

Employees were only advised that all corporate premises will be temporarily closed, with no further explanation provided.

The majority of people believe that a large number of protesting employees are to blame for Twitter’s temporary closure. This is in response to claims that the majority of employees chose to quit after Elon told them to sign up for long hours at high intensity” or leave.

Twitter looks to be forced to make key decisions behind closed doors, despite the company’s refusal to reveal the reason for the temporary office closure. Given that employees are refusing to follow Elon Musk’s directions and a large part of them are willing to quit, it makes logical for Twitter’s senior management to make some crucial decisions right soon.

Musk has stated that Twitter employees must work long hours at high intensity or leave the organization, implying that they must work longer hours. Those who did not register by Thursday would receive three months’ severance pay, he said.

People assume that many employees have already left Twitter because they disagree with Elon’s new restrictions. Employees may be spotted on Twitter using the hashtag #LoveWhereYouWorked and saluting emoticons to mark their departure from the organization.

After asked about the issue, a Twitter employee stated, I think when the dust settles today, there’ll definitely be less than 2,000 employees remaining.

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